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How To Use Text Giving


First Time Donors
The first time you text an amount to 419-273-9947; you will receive a link for you to provide your name, address, and your debit or credit card number that you wish to use with Text Giving. Once you have entered this information you will receive another text message stating, St. Mark’s appreciates your gift

Texting a Donation Amount
You can text an amount to give to St. Mark’s As Pledged.  For example, you can text $250 or 250 to give $250.00 to St. Mark’s As Pledged.

Texting a Donation Amount to a Specific Fund
You can also text a gift to a specific Fund.  By simply typing the word Funds. A list of your active funds will be sent back. If you wish specify where to give, you can specify, for example to give $250 to the AIM Committee you would text 250 aim. However, if you wish to give to a fund that is not stated a message will be sent to you which outlines your available funds.  This list also provides a numbered listing so you can review your funds and simply reply with the number of the funds you wish to give. For example, if you wish to give $250 to Property and the listing displays the number 4 in front of the fund Property, you would reply with the number 4 to finalize your gift to the Property Fund. Please note if you select the General Fund your gift will split these donations; 90% general fund and 10% benevolence fund.

How To Get Help With Text Giving
Donors can text Help at any time to receive instructions on how to use Text Giving, or contact one of the following members of St. Mark’s AIM Committee: 
Anna @ 419-363-2057; Marilyn @ 419-203-7016; Mark @ 567-259-9153; Phil @ 419-605-6008; or Pastor Will @ 419-203-3441

Updating Your Payment Method
If you need to change your payment information, you can simply text the word Reset to 419-273-9947. This will remove the card from your account. The next time you submit a text donation you will be provided with the link you were sent as a First Time Donor.

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